DEMplus – Decision Support and Intervention Simulation Tool

Award-winning DEMplus® for nuclear is a decision support and intervention simulation tool based on real-time 3D technologies. It provides a range of results in terms of costs, timelines, waste management, and dosimetry.

It is applicable at all stages of the life cycle of installations and for all types of projects (new construction, operation, renovation, rejuvenation, maintenance, or decommissioning/dismantling).

DEMplus® enhances the safety of interventions, allows for comprehensive ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) approaches, optimizes waste management, and ultimately reduces costs and project timelines.

Created by nuclear industry experts for nuclear industry experts, DEMplus® is a user-friendly, industry-oriented software that allows for collaborative work among all project team members from the design phase to report and scheduling.

Sensitivity studies can be quickly conducted, allowing for optimal scenario selection based on project-specific criteria. This directly results in improved safety and increased gains (up to 30%).

In conclusion, DEMplus® is a response to the complexity of challenges in the nuclear industry.

The Dosimetry Module of DEMplus

The dosimetry module embedded in DEMplus® allows users to define volumetric or surface radiological sources, their location in the 3D scene, and their associated spectrum. It also allows for defining radiological screens and measurement points.

The module calculates and displays in real-time the equivalent dose rate received by the operator (human or robotic system) based on their location in the 3D scene relative to one or more radiological sources. Therefore, as the operator, the radiological source, or a screen moves, this module provides real-time feedback on the equivalent dose rate received, enabling the selection of the best strategy to adopt.

This module relies on the MERCURE calculation code, validated by the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).

Exploration of alternative strategies through simulation

The reporting table allows for comparison of different approaches, conducting sensitivity studies, and determining the optimal scenario based on project-specific criteria.

The complexity and specificity of projects in the nuclear environment, particularly due to the radioactive environment they entail, make it challenging to develop an intervention scenario, regardless of the project type. Furthermore, the main criteria that comprise these projects (costs, timelines, waste, and dose) are closely interconnected.

Therefore, to define the optimal scenario, DEMplus takes into account these interdependencies and incorporates them into its calculation models, allowing for a holistic approach.


  • Minimization of risks
  • Optimization of performance
  • Gains of up to 30% on the overall project
  • Rapid and easy sensitivity studies
  • Performance testing of tools
  • Feasibility and accessibility validation
  • Customizable parameterization based on domain expertise