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ViSu – On-site immersion in virtual reality ​

In short:

ViSu is a collaborative virtual reality solution that allows all stakeholders to work together without constraints of time or place. It is compatible with all virtual reality headsets and standard VR configurations, suitable for situations of health crises, and perfect for remote work. ViSu can process various types of data, such as point clouds, 3D models, and plans.


The objective of VirtualSurvey is to enable users who do not visit the site to take full ownership of the field reality, review projects, and make informed decisions together. Technicians in charge of maintenance can now prepare for their missions by training directly in the installations.

VirtualSurvey enables users to move freely in the digitized environment with the most realistic rendering possible, as if they were physically there. Users can access details of the infrastructure that are unattainable in reality, perform handling, adding, moving, and equipment removal missions in total immersion.

ViSu in action

Better prepare your construction sites

VirtualSurvey optimizes the preparation of construction sites and allows surveys and analyses with several collaborators connected around the world, with the conviviality of an on-site visit, but without any exposure to terrain risks such as falls or radioactivity.

Using a VR headset, ViSu provides a complete immersion at a 1:1 scale in the installations, exploiting 3D scanner surveys and plunging users into the very heart of the point cloud. VirtualSurvey is a portable application compatible with most virtual reality headsets on the market.

Business modules

Various additional modules enhance the user’s experience, such as multisite management, 4D interaction, training modules, collision detection, demolition, piping modeling, etc.

With the integration of 3D models into the point cloud, the user can perform a complete and efficient model review, launch and control interference detection to ensure project feasibility during the design review.

Remote site personnel training is facilitated by immersing them in the installation and providing them with guidance through annotations, audio aids, and multi-user sessions.


Total immersion on-site

VirtualSurvey allows users to navigate freely in the point cloud and 3D model, immersively, on a 1:1 scale site. Users can take full possession of the field and apprehend their work environment, regardless of the site’s location.

The integration of UHD panoramic photos allows users to view and read data and details that are not accessible in the point cloud. Users can thus verify data and accurately study elements in their environment at the time they were scanned.

Users can visualize and visit a site “As-Built,” with ease.

Collaborative application

A virtual room provides intuitive and easy access to all application features. It provides a pleasant and playful framework that can easily engage new users while providing tools to streamline project reviews, collaboration via a whiteboard, or business documents. All this while remaining a click away from the real data.

Business tools

With VirtualSurvey, taking measurements is simple and intuitive. The user can take measurements in the point cloud, guaranteeing millimetric precision, and prepare for an on-site intervention with all the necessary data.

The addition of annotations allows for the identification of critical points to study. The user can thus prepare for an intervention or write a report by targeting specific points in the point cloud, in its “As-Built” context, to scale.

The user can identify “Points of Interest” (POI) and create them directly in the application to share them with other users of the application

VRLearning and training

Thanks to the audio assistance, it is possible to create accompanied virtual tours where users can be guided by sound information on certain elements being viewed.

With simulation scenarios for packaging and handling, the user can visualize the impact of modifications made on-site, anticipate deviations, limit risks, and avoid any schedule delays.

With the multi-user mode, collaborators can come together on the same site, wherever they are geographically, and work together, with the user-friendliness of a site visit. A “guide and followers” mode also allows for the training of new arrivals by teleporting students to the trainer’s location.

Main features

  • Free navigation in point clouds and 3D models, integrated or not into the point cloud.
  • Viewing of UHD panoramic photos.
  • Import of 3D models.
  • Search for 3D equipment by their functional tag.
  • Taking measurements and pipe diameters.
  • Annotations (icons, text).
  • Position capture, meeting preparation.
  • Audio assistance.
  • Simulation scenarios for packaging and handling.
  • Multi-user experience (free, guiding, autonomous / e-learning).