MySurvey – Allowing the widest possible access to sites without constraints

Site immersion provides immediate, simple, and intuitive access to your infrastructure.

Virtual reality in the true sense of the word.

Perfect for users of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Complete control and management of “point cloud” data, essential for advanced and expert needs.

Created in 2016, MySurvey helps industrial site operators visualize and exploit their data from 3D scans as easily as possible.

With already more than 1000 users in France, MySurvey is a software that allows projection on site and provides immediate, simple, and intuitive access to infrastructures.

It adapts to all uses, from construction monitoring to factory maintenance, and project review.

Some advantages of MySurvey:

  • Very fast and intuitive learning curve
  • Solution suitable for remote work
  • Compatible with various sources of 2D, 3D, and PLM data
  • No software installation required
  • Minimal PC configuration
  • Three licensing modes to cover all use cases
  • Access to specific business modules co-developed with major industrial players

Complementary modules

Several complementary modules exist to adapt MySurvey to your specific use case.

DAC module (Detection, Analysis, Compliance)

The digital solution for compliance monitoring throughout the construction of major structures.

MySurvey with the DAC module is a decision-making tool that identifies construction non-conformities in 3D scans. This digital tool enables corrective actions to be taken to ensure proper coordination of the various trades involved in the installation phases that will take place on the construction site (mechanical, electrical, HVAC, etc.).

Throughout the construction phases, Quadrica’s DAC module saves time and money.

DAC module

DAC module features:

  • Import GC interface elements whose characteristics and theoretical positions are known
  • Visualize GC elements in panoramic views, plan views, and 3D views in MySurvey
  • Establish their real positioning, automatically or manually
  • Visually evaluate their conformity
  • Output these results for exploitation in other tools.