Waste and disposal

Decommissioning projects in various industries all require a preparatory phase to mitigate risks. Waste management is a significant part of this process and is at the core of Cyclife Group’s expertise.

We work with our clients to prepare the end-of-life of their assets (plants, nuclear power plants, oil platforms, etc.) by providing them with digital tools and tailored services to:

  • Validate and optimize their decommissioning scenarios,
  • Effectively manage various waste streams associated with decommissioning and dismantling activities,
  • Prepare for temporary storage prior to waste treatment,

All while complying with safety and security regulations from authorities.

A range of specific services and tools

Cyclife Digital Solutions specializes in the development of industry-specific digital tools and also offers a wide range of associated services.

We operate various simulation software for our clients to meet their needs.

Our references

CEA, EDF DP2D, Cyclife

Key references

On the Numerical Simulation front:

  • Simulation of Chinon A2 heat exchanger dismantling
  • Simulation of waste flow from Chooz A nuclear power plant dismantling
  • Simulation of waste reconditioning and dosimetric risk study
  • Simulation of Creys Malville reactor vessel dismantling

On the 3D BIM Modeling front:

  • Fessenheim Reactor Building – 20m floor
  • Chooz A cavern
  • Fessenheim Nuclear Auxiliary Building (ongoing)