Digital transformation support

  • Lean Digital & IT project management
  • Design of custom-made IT solutions
  • Training in digital tools and agile development methods

Digital consulting

At Cyclife Digital Solutions, we are committed to our customers to support them in their digital transformation. We offer IT consultancy through Assistance for IT project management or Lean Digital missions, with a Black Belt certified approach.

Our value proposition:

  • Audit of digital processes and tools
  • Design of a digital roadmap
  • Support in drafting specifications
  • Change management and implementation of digital projects
  • Methodological expertise and proximity to operational teams

Examples of our achievements:

EDF – Dismantling BU

  • Audit of the processes for preparing and carrying out dismantling work and proposal for a Lean Digital roadmap
  • Redefinition of process interfaces around waste management and support in mastering the associated digital tool

1- Adaptation of Cyclife software to client specifications and interfacing with client IT systems

Our value proposition :

  • Agile development to customize our flagship software to our clients’ specific needs
  • Ability to interface with client IT systems: ERP, CMMS, IoT, etc.

Discover how our expertise can help your company reach new heights with our unique value proposition:

We are specialized in agile software development to meet our clients’ specific needs. With our flexible approach, we can adapt our flagship software to meet your specific requirements while ensuring optimal quality. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we take the time to understand goals and challenges to provide custom solution.

We are also experts in system integration and interfacing with our clients’ IT systems, including ERP, CMMS, IoT, and others. We have extensive experience in creating solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems for optimal efficiency. We can help you leverage your existing investments while providing innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Integration of MySurvey in SMART 3D Experience platform

“Creating the SMART solution has been a technical challenge jointly taken up by EDF, Quadrica, and Dassault Systèmes since 2017. I would like to highlight Cyclife Digital Solutions’ responsiveness and listening skills, developments and additions are made in a simple and effective way.”

UNITEP Technical Director

We have worked with clients such as Dassault System and EDF to provide customized solutions. For example, we integrated MySurvey into SMART, a portal that facilitates data research and connects more than 80 million 1D, 2D, and 3D data points representing the current state of the nuclear fleet.

We also coupled DEMplus with a decontamination scenario simulation tool for EDF – BU Dismantling.

These projects were successful thanks to our personalized approach and expertise in system integration.

2- Development of scientific software in thin or thick client

Our value proposition :

  • Dual IT development and subject matter expertise
  • Agile methodology for applications tailored to your needs
  • Ability to detach teams within your development environment

Discover how our dual expertise in IT development and subject matter can help your company solve the most complex scientific challenges with our unique value proposition:

We specialize in developing scientific software in thin or heavy clients. We understand the importance of combining technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of your scientific field to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs. We work closely with you to understand the specific scientific challenges you face in order to provide you with a custom solution.

We are also experienced in agile methodology, which means we can develop scientific applications tailored to your needs. We believe that regular communication is the key to success, which is why we are committed to staying in touch with you throughout the development process.

Finally, we are able to detach teams within your development environment. We understand that for some companies, it may be difficult to relocate their development operations. That’s why we are able to work directly with your existing development team to provide additional expertise in scientific development.

We have worked with clients such as CEA, GIFEN, EDF – BU Dismantling and EDF – BU Nuclear Production to develop customized scientific tools. For example, we developed a tool for CEA that calculates the composition of a vitrified waste package.

We also developed a heat load management tool for sites and engineering for EDF – BU Dismantling. These projects were successful thanks to our personalized approach and expertise in scientific development.

“The tool developed by Cyclife is ergonomic, easy to maintain, and compatible with our data management tools.”

Safety and Fire Group Manager EDF BU Dismantling

Designing 3D training scenarios

Our value proposition :

  • Ability to create tailored scenarios from A to Z (acquisition, creation, equipment provision), in a hyper-realistic environment
  • Capability to develop solutions to cover specific use cases in your industry

Offer an immersive and hyper-realistic training experience through our custom 3D scenarios!

We are experts in high-quality 3D scenario design, tailored to your specific needs. We have the ability to create scenarios from A to Z using the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our unique value proposition includes the provision of necessary equipment to ensure an optimal training experience.

We are also able to develop solutions to cover specific use cases in your industry. We are committed to providing you with innovative solutions to meet your needs.

“We are very satisfied with the final outcome and will engage in the training of several hundred operators.”

Project Engineer – Nuclear Engineering

Our achievements

We have worked with Westinghouse to create training scenarios for lining interventions as part of the Preventive Cleaning of Steam Generators (NPGV) at the Dampierre CNPE. We have also worked with EDF – BU Maintenance to create VR Learning modules for common teams at CNPE. Finally, we have worked with academic institutions such as INSTN, CEA, and Busan University to create VR training modules.

We are convinced that 3D scenarios can offer a unique and immersive training experience. We are ready to assist you in creating personalized training scenarios for your company. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D scenario design services and the benefits they can offer your company.

VR Learning training

Our value proposition :

  • Immersive learnings by experts to pass on knowledge (technical, business, building, site REX)
  • Access to a library of training courses designed using our ViSu solution
  • Use of virtual reality for risk-free on-site immersion

Thanks to our ViSu solution and to the audio assistance, it is possible to create accompanied virtual tours where users can be guided by sound information on certain elements being viewed.

A “guide and followers” mode also allows for the training of new arrivals by teleporting students to the trainer’s location.

We also make it easy to train remote operators, by immersing them in the installation and guiding them with annotations, audio aids and multi-user sessions.

Conducting training sessions

Our value proposition :

  • In-depth knowledge of DEMplus, in collaboration with development teams
  • Experienced trainers who adapt to different trades and specialties

As a software publisher, we know our customers’ solutions inside out, which is why we’re in the best position to support them and help them improve their skills, thanks to our teams of experienced trainers.