Creating, exploiting and valuating digital twins

Services offer for digital twins

Creation and management of your digital heritage

Maximize your digital potential with our comprehensive offering: acquisition, conversion, and maintenance of your data and digital twins. Our turnkey solution ensures seamless and efficient user experience from start to finish.

We are your single point of contact for all your needs, whether it is processing 1D, 2D or 3D data. Bring your digital vision to life with our expertise in data management and digital twins.

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1- Acquisition, conversion and maintenance of data and digital twins

Our value proposition :

  • End-to-end solution from data acquisition to operational maintenance
  • Capability to process all types of 1D, 2D, and 3D data
  • Single point of contact for creating and updating your digital twins

“The work done allows for the exploitation of all the data much longer than expected and in a single tool accessible to all”

SI Manager at ABB

Our concrete achievements for TotalEnergies and EDF.

We coordinated the recovery of 2D plans (Iso, PID, CAD, etc.) and 3D modeling, as well as the conversion of various sources into a single source for the Digital Heritage BU of TotalEnergies.

For the Cold Source BU of EDF, we valued thousands of initially unusable scans and referenced 3D models.

We are proud of our expertise in coordinating 3D laser surveys and tagging, as well as our easy access solution to your data via MySurvey.

Trust our know-how to carry out your digital data enhancement project.

2- Creation and maintenance of complex BIM 3D models and CAD services

Our value proposition : 

  • Robust methodology and collaborative work with the client and within the team
  • Industry expertise and proximity with the ordering party​
  • Use of AI to accelerate construction and information, and ensure the reliability of the process

Trust our team of experts for the creation and maintenance of complex BIM 3D models, as well as high-quality CAD services.

We implement a robust methodology based on collaborative work between you and our team.

You will benefit from our industry expertise and proximity to your business to ensure quality results.

We also use advanced technologies such as AI to accelerate the construction and information process and ensure the reliability of the entire process.

Our achievements

We notably carried out the 3D BIM modeling of Reactor 1 building and the Auxiliary Building of Fessenheim for the EDF Dismantling BU, as well as the 3D modeling of oil platforms for Total in the Netherlands.

We also created a textured 3D tour of the reactor cave in Chooz A and its access gallery for the EDF Dismantling BU.

Call on our expertise to carry out your most ambitious projects in 3D BIM modeling and CAD services.

“A competent and responsive multidisciplinary team with whom we work closely. After several successes, the team is starting the 3D BIM modeling of the BAN-BW of Fessenheim”

EDF Integration Studies Bureau Manager – Dismantling BU

Valuation of your digital heritage

At Cyclife Digital Solutions, we specialize in custom digital simulations to help our clients optimize their projects in the nuclear industry. We have in-depth knowledge of the constraints related to this field and are committed to providing accurate and reliable results to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Discover how our expertise can help you achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively by exploring our achievements and contacting us today.

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Digital simulations to :

  • Optimise operation scenarios
  • Optimise material/logistic streams
  • Prepare maintenance operations
  • Check the conformity of new installations
  • Carry out a radioprotection study

Digital simulations with DEMplus

Our value proposition :

  • In-depth knowledge of DEMplus, in collaboration with development teams
  • Ability of the tool to simulate any type of intervention to optimize cost, time, waste, and dosimetry dimensions

At Cyclife Digital Solutions, we are experts in digital simulations with in-depth knowledge of DEMplus, the leading tool in the industry. Our development teams work closely with you to deliver accurate and reliable results.

With DEMplus, we can simulate any type of intervention to help you optimize the most important dimensions of your project. You can trust our abilities to find innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.

“The simulations carried out under DEMplus are a valuable aid in selecting the optimal scenarios”

Graphitech Studies Manager

Our achievements

Here are some examples of our work to give you an idea of what we can do: we worked with Westinghouse to simulate a scenario for opening GC and taking samples, with CEA to simulate waste removal from the INB56 pits in Cadarache, and with Graphitech to study the dismantling of Chinon A2 heat exchangers.

Trust our expertise and know-how to achieve your goals effectively and economically. Contact us today to learn more about our digital simulation services with DEMplus.

Digital simulations with Solopti (FlexSim)

Our value proposition :

  • Customized simulation models providing a global vision of the environment
  • In-depth knowledge of nuclear-related constraints and recommendations for optimization

We specialize in customized digital simulations using Solopti, a cutting-edge tool in the industry. Our unique value proposition includes developing personalized simulation models to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your environment.

We have extensive knowledge of nuclear-related constraints and offer recommendations to optimize your waste flows. You can rely on our expertise to find innovative and effective solutions to meet your specific needs.

“Our flow studies conducted by the Cyclife Digital Solutions team identified unnecessary flow interruptions through simulation, enabling us to optimize the organization of our various treatment workshops, resulting in significant performance gains for our production plants.”

Technical Director, Cyclife SAS

Our achievements

We worked with Cyclife Sweden to simulate waste flows at the Nyköping incineration-fusion plant, with the goal of reducing bottlenecks. We also worked with EDF – BU Dismantling to study waste and material flows to adapt the design of the installation and treatment processes at the Fessenheim Technocentre.

At Cyclife Digital Solutions, we believe that customized digital simulations are the key to optimizing your flows and improving your performance. We are ready to support you in achieving your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our digital simulation services with Solopti and the benefits they can offer to your business.

Digital simulations with MySurvey

Our value proposition :

  • Carry out preliminary feasibility studies for various operations.
  • Reduce the number of trips to the site, thereby significantly reducing risks.

As a software publisher, we can offer you customized digital simulation solutions with MySurvey. Our software helps industrial site operators to visualize and exploit their 3D scan data as easily as possible. With MySurvey, you can project yourself on site, giving you immediate, simple, and intuitive access to infrastructure.

MySurvey software makes it possible to:

  • Take virtual tours of the environment
  • Take measurements directly in the point cloud
  • Identify materials to be removed prior to work, and carry out pre-installation surveys

Digital simulations with MySurveyDAC

Our value proposition :

  • Dual expertise as software developers and surveying experts, enabling high-quality analysis
  • Capability to enhance our in-house software solution

Discover how our surveying expertise and our MySurveyDAC software can help you achieve high-quality analysis.

As software developers and surveying experts, we can provide customized digital simulation solutions with our MySurveyDAC software. Our dual expertise allows us to provide high-quality analysis to meet your specific needs.

We also have the capability to enhance our in-house MySurveyDAC software solution to meet your needs and requirements. We are committed to provide innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals.

“With MySurvey DAC, 800 items are detected per hour, saving time and money. These detections make possible to carry out palliative actions for each non-conformity identified in the 3D scans before the intervention on site. It allows the user to work proactively and saves time in the assembly phase. »

Head of Integrated Service Delivery NNB

Our achievements

We worked with ORYS/CLEMESSY on the DUS project, which involves coordinating 3D surveys and As-Built/Design comparison tools. We also worked with BYLOR to study the compliance of pre-sealed elements in the GC throughout the HPC facilities.

We are confident that our expertise and MySurveyDAC software can help you achieve high-quality analysis for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our digital simulation services and the benefits they can offer to your company.

Digital simulation with MNCP / PANTHERE

Our value proposition :

  • Modelling of environments subject to ionising radiation, providing an overall view of the environment

  • Ability to enhance our software solutions

Our achievements

Here are some examples of the work we carried out :

  • Sizing of sails or biological protection by dose rate calculation and radiological calibration
  • D zoning, absorbed dose calculation, neutronics (neutron flux, activation) and nuclear measurement (detector efficiency)

“The use of DEMplus® is perfectly suited to task force mode to quickly obtain concrete information and facilitate decision-making during the study phase.
The capabilities of the DEMplus® tool, combined with the expertise of the Cyclife Digital Solutions teams, enabled us to accurately model worksites with their radiological constraints and to project different working configurations. This combination is a considerable advantage in the search for a realistic scenario right from the brainstorming phase. The simulations carried out in DEMplus® have made it possible to rationalise the contributions of the radiation protection, ventilation, planning and cost trades, and to reduce the demands on the trades concerned, thereby saving time during the design phase.”

EDF DP2D, project manager