INSIDE deployment at Flamanville

INSIDE deployment at Flamanville

Since yesterday, we’ve been deploying VR at the Flamanville power plant.

This meeting is a new stage in our tour of France of EDF’s nuclear power plants and engineering centers as part of the INSIDE project.

We can now count 15 deployed sites among the 18 nuclear power plants in operation in France!

The Flamanville power plant has 2 pressurized water reactor buildings with a total output of 1300 MW, commissioned between 1986 and 1987.

The plant, built in the Normandy region of France, employs over 1,000 EDF staff and around 600 permanent employees of contractors.

As a reminder, INSIDE is a project through which EDF DIPDE (Division de l’Ingénierie du Parc et De l’Environnement) wishes to industrialize the uses of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to serve engineering and on-site realization with our industrial partners.

Many thanks to all the teams involved in this deployment and to our partners at EDF for their welcome and trust. In particular, we would like to thank Anthony Pottier-Levasseur, trainer at UFPI, for his availability and warm welcome! He’s now ready to launch and get started with Visu!