INSIDE deployment at Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux

INSIDE deployment at Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux

We’re nearing the end of our tour of France of nuclear power plants and EDF engineering centers as part of the INSIDE project, supported by EDF DIPDE.

We now have 17 sites deployed among the 18 French nuclear power plants in operation!

Since yesterday, we’ve been in Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux, where we’ve been deploying our ViSu virtual reality solution.

Our ViSu solution makes it possible to carry out virtual tours of power plants, eliminating the constraints of time, place and dosimetric risk. It is a tool that facilitates collaboration as well as the transmission of knowledge via training and VR Learning sessions, and makes exchanges between the various stakeholders in a project easier.

As a reminder, INSIDE is a project through which EDF DIPDE (Division de l’Ingénierie du Parc et De l’Environnement) wishes to industrialize the uses of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to serve engineering and on-site realization with our industrial partners.

We would like to thank all our teams for their involvement in this new deployment, as well as our EDF partners for their trust, availability and welcome.